Monday, November 8, 2010

Easy to Make Paper Dolls - Updated

With the weather turning colder the need for new interesting indoor activities for the kiddies is now at hand...And lets face it, the more we can do that is FREE is the better...Lil Sara is too young to make her own, so I made these ones for her, but this is such a quick easy project that kids as young as 5 or 6 could easily do it themselves with just a little guidance.

Now go turn off the TV, gather the kids around the kitchen table and grab these few supplies.

Spray Adhesive works best but a stick of glue would work in a pinch.
Cardboard for backing - I used black cardstock I had on hand, but you could use the cardboard from cereal boxes too.
And lastly...A magazine, Doll catalog (you can sign up for these online free I will list a couple of links at the bottom this post) or even photos printed from your computer...For the boys you could do farm animals or even machinary, trucks and cars, maybe if you have not thrown out those halloween costum catalogs yet you could find them some pirates or superheros.

Simply cut out the "dolls" spray the back of the images with adhesive (please use old newspaper under them to prevent making a big mess) then gently smooth them on to your cardboard backing...This will make them nice and stiff for hours of play...Make sure you get all the bubbles out...Then Carefully cut around figures leaving a 1/8th boarder and VIOLA paper dolls.

Paper Dolls

But where will these lovely dollies live I hear you ask??..Well that is easy.
Got an old decor magazine laying around??

Instant Doll House

You could take it one step father and cut out some of the funiture and repeat the glue/cutting step and make the dolls their own paper furnishings too.

But for now Sara is happy to just use my old magazines.

Sara's Dolls are all from the Ellowyne Wilde Collection...
You can visit the website and request a catalog here

I also love the Tonner Doll Company catalog but you do have to purchase those if not ordering a doll from them

And of course there is always Barbie...This site is for the Collector Dolls rather than your playline Barbies, but you can order a free catalog to enjoy these high end dolls too

I made these smaller versions to fit into an envelope so that it will be easy to mail for a very special little girl in Australia..Shhhhh Don't tell her.


PS: Please share pix of your dolls with me if you do make some. *grin*


Vanessa said...

Great idea! I saw your link at Doll Divas Chat

Kari said...

Awww.. and you used my FAVE doll of all time! I am going to make these for me!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

Just catching up on your blog! Love everything!