Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Wall

I really wanted to use the hallway wall for the family photo gallery...Gives me plenty of room to grow but is not BAM in your face the moment you walk into our house...I am using those new no nail hanger things you see advertised on TV...So far so good, it will allow me to rearrange the frames without worrying about putting hundreds of holes in the walls.

My favorite print by Robert Juniper is the only other piece of artwork gracing the living area walls so far...It will probably get moved down the road and a mirror put in its place over the "entry table"...Please excuse the headless dog in the photo, I did not realize she had snuck into the shot.

Another view of the photo wall to give you an idea of the location...
Just out of shot to the right is the front door.

A close up of the little gallery so far...I am using all black frames to unify the collection....I have barely scratched the surface with the photos, I have hundreds to sort thru yet and then decide on what sizes to have them printed at or enlarged to...It could take yrs to complete this project lol.

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