Friday, August 6, 2010

Down on the Farm moment...

We converted the old carport into a "temporary" chicken yard when we moved into the new house...Mainly because within a week of us moving just 100ft away from the old chicken house something killed one of the chickens...So we wanted them back safely near us and under the watchful eye of Nardia...(I almost typed that with a straight face lol)..Anyway this will be their home until we figure out where we want to build the final one...hmmm they are going to be here for AWHILE hehe.

You have to admit it has a certain rustic charm...and the birds seem to like it ok.

And as you can see by this photo of David and Sara feeding the ducks and chickens, we are actually able to stand in this one :)

Can you believe how much the ducks have grown since March...
Now renamed lovely Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum...These two are so stupid and friendly they are a menace to any who enter the yard lol.

Now to the real reason for my "farm moment"...Around the corner of the chicken "barn" is a small laying box which has been the home of Leo for the last 21days.....

And if you look closely one her eggs is now got a chick hatching out of it...YAY Leo, we are so proud of her.

I am not sure how good all the eggs are and hope she gets at least a couple of chicks for all her efforts...Sadly a few days ago we lost 2 eggs (which yes were fertile) when one of the other hens wanted to use the nesting box and the girls got to fighting....I have since caged off the front of the small box isolating Leo and her eggs. Forcing the other laying hens to finally get the message and use the box inside the chicken barn instead.

Adding a little PS:
Right after I hit post on this entry I heard Bravo our rooster making a ruckus outside...I went to check to make sure the new mummy was ok (which she is)...But found one of the neighbors dogs had escaped again and was chasing the rest of the chickens (and ducks)...I am proud to say that Nardia intervened and jumped on the other dog, pinning her with her chest to the ground and growling at her, needless to say the other dog hightailed it home and Nardia proved to me once again, though she is 11yrs old now, she is still an actively useful part of our family...


Shayla said...

Hi, Kelsie! I've really enjoyed reading about your chickens and ducks. Is Nardia a dog? Whatever she is, I'd say she is invaluable!!

I just added my photo (finally found a decent one) under followers of your blog. I thought I was already a follower, but I guess I was only a subscriber to your blog. Very confusing!! And now, they want me to sign off with one of several profiles, whatever that means! LOL!

Anyway, "izzylea" is my user name (two cats names together), but I'm actually Shayla Markham from the ProjDollwayGrp & PerfectPatterns Grp!

I envy your rural life!! ENJOY! :) Shayla

Kelsie and David Country Home... said...

Hi Shayla,
I am so glad you are enjoying my blog and thrilled to have you join. I hope you like the pic of Nardia I posted this morning.

I do have to admit I find the option of several profiles etc a wee confusing myself.

*hugs* Kelsie (who escaped the city life)