Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Dolly Time with Friends.

Yesterday we had so much fun. A friend and her lovely children come to play in the afternoon and we created "No Sew" tutu's for the girls, American Girl Dolls, while her sons sat quietly at my dinning room table creating amazing pieces of art with card stock and assortment of pastels, pencils and crayons...It was wonderful to have so much creativity happening at once...Sadly we forgot to take pictures of the children working because, we were just having to much fun playing and visiting *grin*

Lil Sara does not have an AG girl, but an 18inch Madame Alexander girl doll the same size, who is modeling a "No Sew" tutu...The leotard I made last night after lil Sara finally went to bed...Far removed from the dolls I am used to sewing for...It was fun not having to worry about darts etc because of bumps and curves...I will have to watch I do not get addicted to sewing for these little girl dollies lol.

I am already addicted to making these tutu's, and my head is swimming with color and fabric combo possibilities.

Hope yall are having a wonderful weekend so far.


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mo said...

Hi Kelsie, Your tutu's are so very beautiful. I am sure you could sell them on Etsy! They would also make wonderful hair accessories for little girls. Now a days people are much more into the hand made items instead of the plastic items.
Thank you for visiting Rose Petals from Heaven. Your gracious comments warmed my heart. I hope you don't mind in the future if I use your words to describe my site. You did it so elequently and exactly as I intend my site to be. I am your newest follower and I am really happy I found your Blog. *hugs*