Sunday, February 14, 2010

End of Week 5 - Taking The Shape of a House

Monday started off super busy on site, as the guys put up the plywood on the exterior walls and prepped for the arrival of the crane at lunch time.

I would have loved to be on site to see them putting up the trusses but alas it was just me and baby Sara home, and I did not think it was a safe place for her to be, as they crane lifted each truss into place.

Just a couple of short hours later the last truss was lifted into place.

Though he was on site to work,, Leon agreed to be the on the spot photographer again during the truss installation.

By Thursday it was really starting to take shape.
You can see they also cut the windows out of the plywood, added the fascia boards and lots of other stuff I can't think of the words for this early on a Sunday morning.

They had begun laying the decking on the roof at the back of the house, using this super cool (pun hehe) EnergyLock OSB that has a layer of silver stuff on the underside that is supposed to prevent heat from the sun coming into the attic by up to 97%..yay Leon for great green/energy efficient choices.
For more info about EnergyLock click here...

One again we lost time (Tues and Friday) to bad weather...So much for the sunshine state...They were back again Saturday to put more of the decking on the roof and fill in the gables...This is how it looks today...

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