Monday, March 24, 2014

Offically Lamb Producers.

On Feb 27th our first set of twins were born, one Ram and one Ewe.

These 2 early lambs are the result of the Rams getting loose for about 5minutes while we were switching fields and doing a FAMACHA check. We were right there and got them separated as quickly as we could catch the 4 rams...Apparently 5minutes is all it takes ;)

715 is proving to be a very good mother.

Here they are at 24hrs old.

And this is at 5 days...Growing big and strong.

In the background you can see our new 8month old Shihzu Moe...He has dreams of being a sheep dog lol.

At 10days old they stared in our Easter Mini shoots...Here they are with my wee one.

We have 4 more Ewes due on or after the 8th of April...then 5 more will be due on or after 26th May.

Blessings Kelsie

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Michelle said...

She is very cute. The lamb look totally content to be in her arms.