Saturday, November 9, 2013

Keeping Busy

As life tends to be with children underfoot and work and farms, we are staying busy...The wee one is growing like a weed and ever the "helper"...which all you moms know translates to me having to do most things two (or three or four) times lol.

She is loving big girl school (Kindergarten) and is now taking Combo2 dance ( Ballet, tap and jazz)
Plus we have 4H....This week she inquired when would she get a cow...Cracks me up...We told her for her 12th Birthday.

She is still very hands on with the goats and helps with the sheep, though they are scared of this super hyper noisy short person...They do however LOVE Farmer Brown...As he and his bucket means food...and they sure do like that.

I am  hoping to try and capture Farmer Brown feeding the sheep one evening, It truly is a sight that brings joy to my heart...We have worked and saved and Dreamed 9 yrs for this and to see it coming to fruition is beyond amazing...The Lord truly has blessed us in abundance...I am sure to be a blubbering joyful mess come lambing season lol.

2 weeks ago we attended the fall meeting for the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida and become members...We learnt so much and came home very inspired to push on and do this thing...Can't wait for the Spring Festival in April...This week we are having a dear lady come visit our farm...She and her husband are responsible for developing the hair sheep in FL...I can't wait see her again and spend some time picking her brain on areas we need to be working on.

For the first time since last Nov I am caught up on customers photography orders and am looking forward to taking it slow on the bookings for a while and turn my attention back to homemaking a little more...I need to deep clean in general and there are a dozen or more projects I would like to get back to and finish...Like decorating the living room...Also need to start prepping some garden beds now for spring planting...We have not had a garden this past 2 seasons and I miss it and want to explore canning more...So basicly this girl wants to get back to the farmy stuff and less of the photography stuff...Though photography does pay $$...Farm pays me in so much more.

Well I best get going and find some lunch and prep the camera gear for the 2 family session I have this afternoon.

Missing all my blogging buddies.
Blessings Kelsie

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