Saturday, October 15, 2011

Neglected flower garden

My poor front garden has been sorely neglected this last month or so...things are going to seed left and right and the weeds are taking over....Which is why I need HELP from those of you that can identify plants at a glance.

Is this a weed or a plant I should keep??

The flowers are about the size of a quarter I guess and though they look like a hibiscus flower to me, the leaves look nothing like the ones on my standard size hibiscus bushes.

Been super lazy on the front porch too, and used these lovely ferns that were given to me by my MIL, to hide the mess on the shelves we use for putting the seedling trays when we are starting plants...Maybe one day when I have a greenhouse I can move the shelves from the porch all together.

Thank goodness for mulch or I think I would have lost this to the grass along time ago.

The rose in the suitcase does not seem to mind being ignore for the time being and has even grown a companion basil plant volunteer...You see how shaggy the lawn was getting...I took this photo yesterday morning and hubby came home from work and mowed the front yard..

The Daisy bushes and mum's are doing well...though I see a few stray weeds since I never did find the time to remulch this bed over the summer...

The sweet potato is blooming among the weeds in the middle garden bed...

The Mexican Petunias are filling out nicely and giving a good show each day thanks to all the rain we got at the beginning of the week.

Blessings Kelsie


Dreaming said...

I love mysteries! At first I thought your pretty flower was a small Hollyhock, but after some research it turns out your pretty flower is a mallow. Yes, that would be a weed... unless you like it! Remember, a weed is a plant that grows where you don't want it to grow!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

I vote to keep it and call it a wild flower vs. a weed

nedj said...

A very pretty house and garden beautifully flowered!
I discovered this blog and I love!
Nedj from France, pays Basque

Anonymous said...

I dont know if its a weed or a flower but its pretty and looks nice along side your birdbath so I vote keep it :)
Lorna xxx

mississippi artist said...

A lot of people plant mallows, they are in the hibiscus family , really just a wild hibiscus. They are lovely and I would keep them.

Karen said...

I didn't know it was a mallow until Dreaming identified it, but it sure is pretty. Love the pink and darker pink center. Gosh, your flowers look amazing yet, the sweet potato certainly has a beautiful flower, too, and the suitcase really filled out nicely. said...

Every day the gardens change and it's so wonderful that you share these beautiful flowers and plants. It looks great!