Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Daughters Room

I am sharing photo's from the archives tonight. They were taken back in Feb, of my eldest daughters black and white room...
I will be doing a little tweaking in there over the next couple of days, and getting it ready for her when she comes home for awhile (longer if I have my way hehehe)

Am I a little excited??....You bet I am....Have missed her much??....Like I would miss breathing.

Just 3 more nights and her head will be sleeping on these pillows....

Blessings Kelsie

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Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Wow! You should run a Bed & Breakfast because you do know how to roll out the welcome mat with trying to make a room beautifully enjoyable. Not all mothers even think about such is wonderful to see a mom who cares enough about the smallest details such as you do. We moms may not be perfect, but just knowing that we would LOVE to be perfect...knowing that we TRY TRY TRY is what being a mom is all about. Love this room! I have a 21 year old daughter and a 23 year old's always fun having daughters, through the good and the bad.

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely room! Knowing your daughter, it will be nice to be home in her own bed, once again! Enjoy this time together!!!