Monday, August 29, 2011

Pre-op photo Daddy and Sara

Is this not the cutest photo ever of a girl and her Daddy??...
Please excuse the blur it was taken with my not very smart phone.
She was fine with the hat but refused to change out of her lifeguard shirt...Can you see the glazed eyes??...they had already give her some thing to knock her out and it was starting to kick in.

Recovery is going good though I am told the worst is yet to come.. Day 5 to 7 when the scabs come off and it gets more painful...I am kept busy trying to push that 32oz of fluid and keeping her entertained in a way that will not put her at risk of bashing herself/face on anything...That alone is a full time job...She is eating pretty good, mainly pancakes and bread...and LOTS of Popsicles.

I am exhausted and would love a good old fashion Nana nap...I am such a bad mummy and wish her pain meds would make her sleepy, instead they seem to give her energy.

Please keep us in your prayers.
Blessings Kelsie


Karen said...

Oh, what a cute picture! I'm glad to hear Sara is doing so well, but I can surely sympathize with your need for a nap, too. If we could only bottle that energy, just think of all the work we could get done! I hope the coming days are easier and easier.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Keep up the great work Mom!

Glenda said...

How sweet - I always love those shots with little girls and their daddies! You can tell she has him wrapped around her little finger!

Dreaming said...

Sweet picture - what a beautiful smile! Dad looks very much in love... and shows a hint of concern, I think!

Oh, how tired you must be! But... better days are coming. Just think... maybe soon you will get better sleep at night!

Darla said...

Hang in there girl!