Saturday, July 30, 2011

Final Goat Update...for today

After the longest work day in history hubby finally arrived home to join the fun at the house...I am sure he was thrilled to be greeted by the screaming/crying toddler, an over stressed and emotional wife and a baby goat that continues to chase and attempt to eat each and every Cherry Laural leaf that blows into the yard...

On the drive back to the farm from which Lil Boots the goat came Lil Sara FINALLY fell asleep...This break allowed me and hubby to finally discuss the situation fully with no interruptions...did I mention it is a long drive??

Boot's Goat Mommy and Friends...She is the bottom black and white goat.

And a timely phone call from Miss Merry (Bottle Mom) came up with a plan B...Boots boards with her until after Sara's surgery and recovery....Which will also mean Boots will be older and more able to take care of himself and less in need of my attention.

2 Great Pyrenees "puppies"...These guys are just 4months old...So sweet.

Miss Merry is also going to try and locate us a second Nigerian Dwarf goat so Boots will have a companion....I am hoping for one of the cute little tri-color Does from the first photo.

The older Does and in the center is the solid black buck (Boot's father.)

The additional time until our GOATS come home to live will also allow us to get better pens and shelters in place so they will NOT need to sleep in my house.

So not really a step back in our plans to add livestock to Our Country Home, more just a little side step and a doe-see-doe *wink*

So after such a long and emotional day I am off to bed with a lighter heart knowing our little boy Goat is safe and sound and will be well taken care of until we are ready for his return.

Sweet Dreams Kelsie


Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Sounds like a great plan!

Dreaming said...

I finally had a minute to catch up on blogs. A lot has been going on in your life. I can feel stress seeping out of the words you have written. You have a lot on your plate - to say the least!
It sounds like you have crafted a good plan.

Karen said...

Oh, Kelsie, I feel for you, I really do. You may recall my comment about 'Goater-Goat' and all the excitement he caused...and he was an adult goat. They are very needy creatures and very sociable and very active and very, well, INTENSE! I think they really do much better as a pair or part of a herd than they do alone. Goater-Goat was just pitiful out in the pasture by himself, and when I brought him up to the house he was into everything, knocking over potted plants and eating roses and butting his head on the back door to be let in. And how do you go about potty-training a goat? I'm not sure it can be done, lol. Needless to say, we were all relieved when he went back to his home herd.

I did something much worse than this when my boys were little, I got a puppy for them. And it didn't work out. For some reason, the puppy triggered a case of depression in me that was so bad I couldn't handle it. We only had the little guy for two days and my friend took him back and he was placed in a loving home, but I felt awful with a capital A at what I had done to the boys. They forgave me, but I had a hard time forgiving myself. About four years later, we got another dog, Teddy and then Pudding....the boys were older and could help with caring for them and it was a much happier experience. We still have the two dogs to this day.

If Sara knows Boots is safe and sound and with his little friends and mama, I'm sure she'll be happier, too. (And it will give you the much-needed time to unwind!) Hugs to you, Kelsie, from me----I've been there, done that. It will all be fine, trust me!

sawn48 said...

Isn't it strange how our pets can stir up so much emotion in us. Mine do me the same way. I get too emotional over things that happen. Especially when things go wrong. I feel at times,I don't need to have pets,but then I think of all the good times I have had with them,that I would have missed.

Kari said...

Oh good!! I'm so glad it's a "not yet" instead of a "never". Looking forward to seeing him back!