Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dogwood Trees

We are lucky to have inherited 2 large Dogwood trees, one either side of the driveway entrance..Don't they look lovely all in bloom...

We still have A LOT of clearing of rubbish trees in this area...Something else we inherited was 20+ years of unchecked Cherry Laural....It is a shame really because they do create a cute natural arch that frames the view of the fields across the road beautifully...But with as sick as they made me and lil Sara this year, there is no doubt they have to go.

Another photo of the Dogwood in bloom..

Have a wonderful Blessed Day.

Sharing these lovely white blooms for White Wednesday @


The Sewing Loft said...

The dogwoods are so very pretty. I was going to comment on how wonderful the driveway entrance is with the canopy of trees....sorry to hear they must go.


Verde Farm said...

The dogwoods are GORGEOUS! My absolute favorite tree of all is the dogwood. We have 8 total and I can’t wait for them to bloom. My favorite time here is the spring. Why did the other trees make you sick? Allergies?

On Crooked Creek said...

Believe me. . .I understand allergies! ( A must read is my Old Christmas Tree archive post!) Your dogwoods are breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

I love dogwoods. It is our state tree. I cannot wait for ours to bloom. They are calling for snow this weekend, so I think we have a while to wait!!! ~~sherry~~

Mariaelena said...

Thanks for sharing a pic of that beautiful tree...It is snowing here in NY as I post this comment...ugh!!!...can't wait to see my dogwood bloom after this very long, cold, snowy winter!!...
visit & follow my blog if you'd like....Happy Wednesday....:)