Friday, March 4, 2011

China Cabinet...

For awhile now (since we moved in) I have had my eye out for a china cabinet within my price range that would be the right size for our space...Well who would have guessed that the perfect china cabinet was sitting in my FIL's office....Not only were my in-laws generous enough to give me the china cabinet, but they also drove it the 7 plus hour drive to our house this week.

I popped some of my things in it already but still need to do some fluffing...I do love the country cottage feel it adds to our living space, plus it gives it a more finished look than it had before.

I am not sure it will stay this color, it may get painted white yet...I do know the hardware will get changed out for sure...and we are going to work on the glass in the side panels to see if we can remove the pattern.

I am ever so Thankful to my MIL for offering the cabinet as a solution to my search and my FIL for taking the time to bring it to me...LOVE YOU GUYS *hugs*

Blessings Kelsie

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On Crooked Creek said...

Very nicely arranged! Adorable tea pot and two tier server! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Very nice china cabinet lve the way
you have displayed your treasure's

Love you all from your big sister

Stephiejo@Inside the Barbie Craft Room said...

Kelsie! I didn't know you had a blog about your beautiful new country glad to find you again. :-) Hope you & the girls are well. I LOVE the china cabinet~so much fun decorating the "real" house isn't it? Are you back to sewing for dolls again? Your latest follower...from Inside the Barbie Craft Room! Ha!

Buttons said...

That is a nice china cabinet. B

Teresa said...

What a beautiful piece! It really does look lovely there.

Verde Farm said...

How sweet! I love it and it looks wonderful. Great in-laws you have! Thanks for sharing with FFF!