Friday, January 14, 2011

Peeking out the window....

This is the view through the window about 5 minutes ago (well technique the french doors)... We started watching the birds on the feeder but then noticed the tractor in the back ground...

This week they started breaking the ground behind the house to get ready for planting watermelons....They will turn the dirt a few more times before they start laying the plastic rows and irrigation...The rows directly behind the fence will not get planted with watermelons, but will serve as my veggie garden this year...I need to start thinking about what I will be planting there, how much and when I need to get it into the ground...

By the time they are done planting it will be a rough total of 74 acres of watermelons, combining our land and the land adjacent....minus of course what I use for my veggies.

Just a little peek at live on "the farm" for you

Blessings Kelsie

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On Crooked Creek said...

Taking a break from household chores and stopped by for a quick visit! I'm having a "personal" chuckle!!! We use to live one block from a 60 acre plot and everytime I'd wash windows, (in the Spring)that farmer would plow, till, or do something to turn up the dirt. Wasted cause every time!
Seeing this photo gave me a walk down memory lane. Loved that farmer. . .still do (although we have move 150 miles away)!

Now. . .I'd be interested in the vegetable choices of your new Spring garden. Please share when you've made your selections!

Tammy@beatrice banks said...

That's a lot of watermelons! My dad used to raise melons. I could just taste one right now!

Ellen said...

I love this picture and the posting in regard to breaking ground. Especially with all this snow... anyway.... Funny, I have spring / summer pictures on my post today!! Must be in the air.. Thanks for sharing,