Friday, January 7, 2011

Peace and Quiet...

It has been 22 days since lil Sara was last at day care and 2 Sunday's we could not attend church and her attend church nursery...Needless to say I was at the end of my rope about a week ago and she has been bored out of her mind.

The reason she could not attend DC was because if you remember she had strep throat, which that unfortunately started a cycle of reactions to the antibiotics which is what kept her from going to DC for 2 additional weeks, even after the strep throat was gone...The good news is however, after 3 courses of antibiotics, 7 visits to the Dr's office since the 21st of Dec and 2 urine tests later she was given a clean bill of health yesterday...meaning today she is at DC...*HAPPY MUMMY DANCE*

Now I can start work on getting us back to a normal routine.


allisamazing said...

Oh my, you've had a tough round of it over Christmas. Glad to hear she's been given a clean bill of health. ~Alana~

House Revivals said...

I'm so glad your little one is doing better! And that you finally get a little break :)