Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Country Visitors and *Bobcat update*

I thought I would share some of my favorite neighbors with you today....

I caught this image with the motion camera in the chicken pen, so far no Bobcat pix, but I thought this little fellow deserved a mention...He and the Cardinals love sharing the chicken feed this time of year...Quick update on our Bobcat, no movement from it here, but signs he has been back at the neighbors scratching at the turkey house again...Still no luck with the traps.

*UPDATE* Went out to release the chickens after hitting publish and there is a new breach in the outer fence...I am so glad we close the actual chicken house door at night because something (bobcat) scratched a big hole in front of the door trying to get in will post images later...Wouldn't you know I did not set up the camera last night because I was not able to get outside because of toddler...(teen closes the chickens in)...tonight I am going to do both camera and borrowed trap...This is getting personal.

I came home yesterday from town and this rather large Armadillo was foraging in the northern side yard, he took off running as I tried to approach...He did return not long after and I stood really still waiting for him to get close enough for a really good photo, but alas wouldn't you know it, my lazy old 11yr old dog decided she does still knows how to run and chased him back into the woods...I have no doubt he will be back though....With the back fields plowed we are going to see a lot of visitors in this yard for the growing season..

This was taken back in June, but this girl is one of my favorite residence on our property, she is a Gopher Turtle (learn more about Gopher Turtles by clicking here) and has a series of burrows in the same north side yard the Armadillo was foraging in...We purposely do not use this area much as to not disturb her. She and her kind are on the Threatened Species list..We also make a point of leaving the wild black berries growing near her burrows as they are her natural source of food...There is at least one other Gopher Turtle on the property, maybe two...But she is our most active and we can watch her through the gap in the tree line from our front porch during the summer months when she is most active.

Blessings Kelsie

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