Friday, January 28, 2011

Library Visit

Thursday was a busy day for us, which is why I am only now getting around to posting the photo's I took of lil Sara at the library yesterday while we were waiting for the Pre-Schoolers program to start...As you can see by the bag she is carrying, she was allowed to borrow her first book this week...Let's just see how willing she is to give it back next Thursday.

She thoroughly enjoyed the Pre-Schoolers program...They did lots of dancing excerises, singing along to songs in both English and Spanish...For the story they had 2 readers, Miss Wilma would read the page in English and then Miss Emma would read the same page but in Spanish...They also did a craft to bring home that was related to the story...She had a blast and can't wait to go again...

Anyone out there with little ones and looking for some thing to keep them busy, I strongly recommend checking out your local library to see what free programs are available...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the best part of this program is that fact it is totally FREE.

Blessings Kelsie


allisamazing said...

When my kids were younger we took advantage of the library programs all the time. They were fabulous and the best part was while the kids were being entertained I got a bit of quiet time at the library. ~Alana~

On Crooked Creek said...

M~m~m~m. . .I loving the look on lil Sarah's face as she begins her journey with printed words! Keep encouraging her to look at the pictures, say the words she remembers in the story and read the story to you in her own words.
The library is an amazing place for children (young and old alike!). Thank you for sharing these wonderful times with your daughter.