Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick Free Pine Cone Ornament...

Tomorrow night I am heading to my first social function at our new church...It is the ladies Christmas party and ornament exchange, I really do not have the strength to face shopping for an ornament with Lil Sara...And anyway as we all know it is much more fun to make them :)

I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I borrowed it from the queen of shabby and pink fabulousness, Olivia @ Olivia's Romantic Home, though I did change it up a little from her tutorial...I spray painted my pine cones using "ballet slipper pink"...Once dry I sprayed them with spray on adhesive and then sprinkled it with silver glitter....I have a plate of them on my dining table for my center piece with some ribbon and faux greenery (will share center piece later this week)

Because I was making the ornament for someone else, I did not want to risk using hot glue to hold it together, I had a super small cup hook on hand so used pliers to close the opening to make it into a ring, I then screwed it into the top of the pine cone...tied some mini pearl strands and some 1/8th soft pink ribbon around the base of the ring...Threaded some shear 1/4inch white ribbon thru the ring and tied ends together to create a loop to hang the ornament on the tree with...I think it turned out really pretty...I hope whoever ends up with it tomorrow night agrees...Would you be happy if you received it?

Now if Sara would just take a nap I could work on creating a gift bag out of Christmas paper to put it in lol.

Blessings Kelsie


Willow said...

It is beautiful. I would be honored to receive such a beautiful handmade gift.


mo said...

Hi Kelsie, I would love to get your ornament at the ornament exchange! Nowadays handmade is more precious than any money can buy! Great Job! *hugs*

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

So cute! You're going to make some girl happy tonight. Have fun!

Kari said...

GORGEOUS Kels! Would love to see the gift bag out of paper too! LOVE it!