Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Dream of Sheep...

Ever since moving to Florida...actually before we got married, we have talked of one day having some sheep and a couple of goats...We are so close to doing just that...Now all we need now is exterior fencing that will keep the predators at bay (maybe a donkey or Llama to protect the herd also)...The interior cross fencing for sheep can be super basic and much cheaper...The exterior is going to be the big cash outlay.

Earlier this week I stopped by to see one of our neighbors so lil Sara could see their pygmy goats...OMG DIE...they are sooooooo cute...Barely come to my knee and then if the cuteness was not enough to make me want our fences done NOW, the neighbor then tried to give me a goat to take home...argggggg *sob*...I briefly considered the goat living in the chicken run as it is small, but quickly dismissed that as just silly lol.

All this of course has me dreaming even harder of raising sheep. It also seems my dreams are well timed according to the current market reports by the National Sheep Board here in the USA...Lamb and wool prices are at record highs and the NSB is pushing for the market to expand and encouraging people to look into raising sheep to meet the demands of the expanding market..SO with all that and the fact it just tastes so darn good, my usual impatient side is driving me nuts with dreams of sheep roaming the pasture and filling my freezer (and pockets)

I still have a lot of my own market research to do for our area and since raising sheep in the USA is very different to being a snot nose kid running around on a sheep farm in Australia, there is much for me to still learn...I hope to find a mentor farmer close by that might help me learn the ins and outs of the trade here...In the mean time I will just keep dreaming of the day we get to bring our first Timmy home...And just maybe 2011 will be our year of the sheep.


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sissie said...

I do hope that your dream comes true. I'll be saying a little prayer for you.