Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bumps and To Do lists....

The count down to T-Day (Turkey Day) continues and I am slowly working my way thru my to-do list but of course there is always interruptions to the flow of things.

Yesterday morning when hubby went to let the chickens and ducks out of the pen he came up one duck and one chicken short...Well we found the chicken Leo sitting in one of the nesting boxes but alas our sweet Tweedle boy Dee was most certainly gone...Something during the night had pushed the wire out, right next to where he and his bother Dum sleep and taken him.

So after I finished painting my pumpkins and doing the dry table run for Thanksgiving (waiting for Sara to take a nap so I could work outside in peace...yer right! funny me) I got to go out to the chicken pen and fix the hole and re-enforce the rest of the pen...I also added a door to the actual coop so for double measure we can close them in at night, but now it means they have no chicken yard access until we get out to release them each morning...The point of the yard was so they could have some roaming room before we let them out to wander the property during the day *sigh*

While fixing the fence that borders the trees I noticed a pile of feathers about 15 feet from the pen, on closer inspection, whatever killed our duck chose to bury it in the "woods"...So now I am thinking it was possibly a dog...I am so sick of loosing my birds to dogs because their owners are not responsible to keep them under control...The fact the chicken pen is lite up by the driveway security light also backs up our dog theory, as I don't think a coyote would risk being that expose and then leave its catch behind.

Now if this was not enough, last night Sara chooses once again to act the fool and in the process bump her head on a door...I get sick to my stomach every time this kid bangs her head...Of course she does it right at bed time (actually after bed time because she decided to lay down on the living room floor at 4.30pm and take a nap...yes the same nap I had been hoping she would take at 1pm...arg) So back to the head bump, because it was almost 9.30pm I now have to keep her awake until 10.30pm...Needless to say I did not get as far into my to-do list as I would have liked yesterday.

So today's goals are:
Clean bathrooms
Make bed in guest room
Change sheets in other rooms
Put away folding up then start on the next round of laundry
Finish special craft projects with Sara
Have teenager clean car
Write shopping lists and prep guides for next week
Shampoo Hot Sauce out of speaker in living room (this is what happens when the angel throws a bottle across the room and it explodes)
And now wash couch covers since while I was typing this she "spilled" her apple juice on them
All while answering the ever present "mummy" and try and keep up with potty training.

Between you and me, I miss having a "job"...I did less work then lol

Please keep me in your prayers

PS: For those of you who ask hubby on the phone how things are and he says "No Drama's Here" that only means no drama he personally had to deal with....Gotta love


Werna Gail said...

All of your problems with the foul just reminds me of why I do not have chickens clucking around in the yard, I really wanted them but honey talked me out of it.
Sounds like you won't be going to the thrift stores today.LOL!
Once the baby is grown, you will be wishing she were small again.
I will be glad to add you to my prayer list. BE BLESSED

Kari said...

wow! Did you get through your huge list? I have shortened my lists to THREE items, that way I can HOPEFULLY get through them in a day. I would never finish the lists that I want to do... in fact, usually don't even finish three!
Hope Sara is better!