Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Volunteer Work

As we all know the job market in America is in a very sad place right now and those of us living in rural America are effected even more due to the fact even in a good economy GOOD jobs are hard to find in these areas anyway....Many very qualified ppl are out of work nation wide or taking minimum wage jobs in which to make ends meet...My own husband in this number, a certified Airline Mechanic is now changing ppls oil and tires at Walmart..

So what chance does a newly graduated student with no work experience have at finding even a minimum wage job....My eldest daughter is taking time off before college as she graduated from high school a year early, and though she made the honor roll all her senior year, she can just not compete with the older more "work" experienced ppl hunting for the same jobs. Even our local fast food restaurants are predominantly an older "supporting a family" work force.

Do you know how heart breaking it is to watch the confidence of a child be shattered week after week as they search in vain for a job...Giving her a sense of "nothing to get out of bed for" each day...So I suggested to her she find a local charity to volunteer at each week...This will help give her a sense of purpose and also look very good on future scholarship applications...Plus as an added bonus she will get some hands on work experience.

Starting last Thursday she began working at the local Haven Hospice Thrift Store and loves it...It is so heart warming to listen to her tell me about her day, and the joy she gets from working for such a good course as the Hospice...She is already working the register and is being trained in the back on how to sort and price donations...She is building relationships with the other ppl that work and volunteer there and comes home with a sense of self worth...I think when she eventually does get a job interview this will show thru in her over all attitude and hopeful impress future employers.

So anyone one out there reading this who is currently facing the same job hunting trials, I strongly recommend volunteering in your own community...You never know how much you giving will give back to you.

Kelsie - A very proud mother.

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Becca's Dirt said...

Kelsie, that is a great post with a good message. To me included. I work a full time job but there were times in my life when I searched and then volunteered and it felt so good. I often think about returning to volunteering but can't seem to find the time. Good luck to your daughter and hope other young people will see what a difference it makes in their own life by your daughters example.