Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharing piece of amazing artwork...

This piece is "fan art" was done by my eldest daughter and is called Sisterhood, inspired by the video game BIOSHOCK and features her interpretation of 2 of the main characters, Big Sister and Little Sister. She uses a drawing tablet and the SAI graphics program to create all her digital artwork.

I am sad to say that due to lack of funding none of the public schools my daughter attended offered Art Classes so she has never had any formal instruction. I have tried to impart some of what I learnt at art school to her but...well...she is my daughter and therefore does not listen to me lol...Everything she knows comes naturally...Her amazing sense of balance and composition, use of color to create drama and most impressive of all, her ability to create a sense of movement in all her pieces....What can I say, this girls natural gifts make me sick...Mummy Loves you Mouse *hugs*


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