Thursday, October 14, 2010

Country meets Runway

This little number is Shabby Chic Country meets the Runway...Inspired by so many of the lovely romantic blogs I have been enjoying while getting ideas for decorating my guestroom, I wanted to create a lovely romantic jacket, but since my "client/doll" is more inclined to want Runway ready High fashion with an edge, I blended the two and this was the result....

This fashion can be worn so many different ways for many different looks.

I love how all the layers work for a very fun eclectic feel...I had so much fun creating this look and have the bleeding fingertips to prove it *grin*

I know not everyone reading this collects dolls...Actually most of you probably don't...But if you would like to see more pics of the outfit you can visit my website

I am sharing this today

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bj said...

O gosh...what a lovely doll..and the clothes..fabulous.

Thanks for coming by with such sweet words...