Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graduation Silhouette

Just a quick morning post before I head out the door to Walmart and maybe a side trip to a local antique store if I am lucky (Hubby and baby co-operating)...I will be picking up the fabric to re-cover the desk chair and trims for the throw pillows, while we are at Walmart also...yay...fabric shopping.

After I had posted Mic's room on HGTV Rate this room site, I got lots of helpful comments, including the silhouette artwork over the bed was kinda small and lost. So while working on the frames yesterday, I felt inspired and dug out yet another frame (I think I am almost out of frames now) and painted it black, covered the backing with more of the graduation gown, then hung the smaller frame in the center...This beefed up the artwork nicely over the bed, and helped to bring our blue accent color over to that wall.

Now all that is left, is to finish the chair and the pillows. Unless I find the perfect desk within the budget, then I will be happy home decorator *grin*

Other pressing question of the week...Will I ever get that baking done...Let's hope so.

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