Saturday, February 27, 2010

End of Week 7 - Siding and Windows and Doors OHMY

So much has been going on this week it has been hard to keep up, so I am going to start by showing you how the house looked by the end of the week...Was a little disappointed it does not have doors yet, they have arrived but the rain this morning prevented them from being hung...Or any more siding going up today. The siding is pre-primed btw, so this is not the color the house will be...and though we have been planning it to be all white, we are considering giving it a color...Who knows, I could change my mind a dozen more times between now and them painting...Plus today I am just too tired to think straight.

Now moving on to the work done inside this week.
All the hurricane straps were added and the ceiling tray framed out...This all done by Tuesday so it could pass the engineering inspection. They also added the pull down attic stairs and created a runway and storage platforms in the attic area for David...I do not have good photos to share, as it was hard to photograph from below, will have David take some pics of it later in the week.

The A/C duct work was also done this week, it is very cool looking and could pass as a modern Art Insulation, almost a shame to cover up such impressive workmanship when the ceiling is finally installed lol...Even more impressive is that the entire ducting was done by one man in just a couple of days.

Last but not least, the wall for the breakfast bar was put up, this will allow the electrician to work out where wire in for the lighting that will hang above the bar.

The doors you are seeing in this shot are the backdoor for the utility room and one side of the french doors that will be in the dinning area...Fingers crossed the next time we see these they will be installed.

This coming week promises to be a busy one with Electric and Plumbing rough in's scheduled to start Monday...David will be installing all the TV and Internet Satellite cable and phone lines this week.

Plus I believe he roofers should not be far behind the Elec and Plumbers...

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