Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of Week 3 - We now have a slab

Once again I am playing catch up with my blog entry...Having a very lively 19month old to entertain keeps me busy and away from the house site AND my computer these days.

When I last left off my blog, they had prepped for the slab to be poured...So Early Wed morning I popped over to the site to try and get a photo of the work they did the day before, not realizing though the sun was barely over the horizon they had already arrived and were getting set to for the cement trucks to arrive.

What is even more impressive, it was only 34 degrees in the sun that morning (that is roughly 2 degrees for you metric folk)..But once the sun was fully up, it did not take long for it to start to warm up for the day.

As much as I was looking forward to watching the slab being poured, I was not able to be there so Leon was super nice and took lots of stills and video for me instead. So a BIG KUDOS and THNX to Leon for providing me with so many great shots and wonderful footage...It was hard to narrow it down to which one to include on the blog...May have to set up an online photo album so everyone can get to enjoy them too.

Here are Carl and his boys getting the pour started. You can watch them in action in the videos at the end of this entry...I wish I could share more than 2 video but I am concerned about bandwidth usage...These guys have this down to such a fine art, it is like watching a very well coordinated, very manly ballet.

By the end of the day the slab was dry enough for them to score the cement, this is done so when the house shifts and he slab cracks, it does not go every which way it likes, but has guiding lines to follow and therefore maintaining its integrity.

I was not able to get over to the site Thursday night or Friday to take any good pix of the end result so after the rain stopped today (hence why the slab is so wet) and Sara was down for her nap I popped over and snapped these couple of pix.

This first one is from the back of the house. You can see both back entrances. One into the dining room and the other the laundry/mud room. You can also see the driveway in the background.

Then the second one I took while standing on the front porch looking at the spot the front door will go..

Now for the Video...

You get a good feel for the size of the house when you see the cement trucks either side of it.

"What a fun toy this would be.."

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