Friday, December 4, 2009

New Home / More Savings

I had been planning to buy my 2 cockatiels a larger cage for when we move into the new house...One with some room to allow them to fly a little and more room for some toys and perches, then perhaps Madam Schnitzel would be less stressed and more entertained so she will stop pulling her feathers out.

Well Sunday morning wouldn't you know I get an email from PetCo they are having Cyber "Monday" sale a day early....The discounts were to good to pass up with 40% to 50% off PLUS free shipping....Meaning I was able to save $265 on the cage I had been planning to get them.

The new cage is twice the size of their old one, comes with wheels, so even though very large can be easily moved...This will be nice once we have a front porch, I can roll them outside during the day to enjoy the gorgeous views of the trees and chatter with the wild birds.

Just listen to how happy Spunky is about their new digs.

So not only are my Feathered Friends happy, but my pocket book too.

Other developments with the ppl house....We have pegged out the exact location of the house pad, the Notice of Commencement has been posted along with the Notice Board for all the permits etc for the inspector....My guess is we should see some physical work being done right after Christmas...but for now we wait on the county to approval permits.

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