Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Make we come...

In 2004 we made our first journey from Charlotte NC to Levy county FL to check out a little piece of dirt for a potential new home for our family..What we ..found was a old run down single wide trailer and a very over grown property.

But this did not deter us...We fell in love and 6months later moved from NC to sunny FL.

So fast forward 5yrs or so and the old trailer is gone, the property is ours and
on Tuesday morning November 17th 2009 this is how it looked.

Photo taken from the driveway....

Taken for the North West End of the yard..

And then later that same day...Taken from behind the tree line out in the open hay field...

Just a few short hours later and it is a thing of last we have made way for our house to be nestled under the pecan tree's....Could this possibly be were the original homestead stood those many decades ago?


North West End

So the sun sets on day one of this exciting new adventure.....

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