Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daddy Oak's final resting place...

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Four days after being pushed over, the main trunk was still in the middle of the house site, while we figured out what to do with him.

Too big to burn and even too big to cut up with any chain saw they had. So they had to bring in even more equipment to move him.

We, unfortunately, were in town shopping for Thanksgiving when they moved him...On our return the new house site was finally fully cleared.

As you can see from the photo's, we only cleared enough room for the house...We intend to hand clear the rest so to be able to preserve as many of the trees as possible.

Here is Daddy Oak in his final resting place. Come spring the wild cherry saplings will have grown up around him so he will be out of sight...I am sure the woodpeckers and other birds will continue to enjoy him.

David is pointing to some bricks and rusty old springs that are wedged in the roots.

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